Wyatt M. | Portraits

wyatt james moss | Portraits - ventura, ca

Leta and Sam are two incredibly generous, kind, and adventurous people. 

When Andrew and I moved out to Ventura last year, we were so grateful for their friendship and their help in getting settled. They quickly took us in and introduced us to their friends and community group. Leta has been such an encouragement and has constantly pushed me in my walk with the Lord. Sam has taught Andrew more about gear, the outdoors, and kayaking. 

Ever since I found out they were pregnant, I had been looking forward to photographing Leta's baby bump and taking sweet photos of Wyatt when he was finally here. I knew Leta was going to make a wonderful and loving momma, and Sam a patient and strong dad. 

Because i have been falling behind in posting shoots, I decided to combine Leta's maternity photos with Wyatt's newborn photos! It was incredibly hard to just choose a few of my favorites!!

Leta & Sam, we love you guys so much and are incredibly grateful to call you both friends! We cannot wait to see Wyatt continue to grow and see how the Lord blesses you three!