Almost there

I'm not sure how to start this one...

There is a wide range of emotions I feel knowing pregnancy is ending soon and our life with Kai will soon begin.

As it usually goes, time moved too fast these past 38 weeks. 

I think back to July when I started feeling different ... calling my friend to talk about what I thought it was... the peace that came and confirmation from Him before I even took the test. Picking up the pregnancy test at CVS, anxiously waiting till morning to take it... seeing the answer reveal itself so quickly. Waking up Andrew to tell him... so much awe and unbelief filled my head! 

Hearing babes heartbeat at just 6 WEEKS. Beating so strongly, while Andrew stroked my shoulder and we looked at the tiniest bean on the screen. The verse: "You have knit me together in my mothers womb.. your works are wonderful" (Psalm 139:13-14) kept replaying in my head.

The excitement of waiting the 12 weeks to share our news, the joy others felt and shared with us once they found out. The feelings of incredible nausea & bloating.. initially feeling discouraged about body changes. But feeling thankful, knowing those changes are there because of a sweet baby growing inside (Praise the Lord!!).

Feeling little movements at just 16/17 weeks. The moment when baby finally kicked hard enough for Andrew to feel. Seeing his kicks and movements shift my stomach back and forth, making this momma sometimes run to the bathroom.

Finding out we are going to have a BOY.... The celebration with my mom afterwards and how full my heart felt with the news that he looked great and handsome. 

The smiles I can’t hold back when babe moves around during worship. The laughter that always comes during doctor visits of how much of a mover he is.. 

I have so many feelings of gratitude towards our friends/family who have constantly encouraged us and gone out of their way to help me or spoil Kai & I. Who tell me I look great or literally drive me two blocks so I didn't walk alone at night after work (thanks Jordan!!!). Who let me rant about ridiculous reactions from strangers about my belly. Who pray for us and check in on us. 

I have loved watching Andrew rub my tummy and talk to Kai. Seeing his eyes fill with joy, love, and pride as he talks about Kai and sees him move around, makes me tear up sometimes. Andrew has held me when I feel hormonal and upset that clothes/shoes no longer fit, telling me how beautiful I am to him. He has shown such patience as I struggle with pregnancy brain and waddle slowly along. He has shown such tenderness and kept my spirits up. He truly is going to be such a great daddy.

Pregnancy has been incredible. I'm strangely going to miss it!! I had no idea what to really expect, but it has been memorable and filled with so much love, happiness, & excitment.

We are so ready to meet Kai! My constant prayer for Kai, has been that he will grow to be a man of God. With friendships and family to encourage his walk and growth with the Lord. That he will know of and speak of God's goodness. That he will experience God's creativity, love, and faithfulness through the world and people around him.

Being a momma/papa will be so new and probably overwhelming/frustrating/crazy at times. We are both eager to enter this new phase and see how life, our marriage, & friendship grow as we raise our little one, Kai Samuel. 


These are a few favorites from our maternity shoot while we were in Portland, OR. 

Photographer: Olivia Strohm