Oak Glen


My oldest sister came down for a few days during September, so my family decided to go on an adventure up to Oak Glen for a family day. 

I say adventure cause 3 of the 4 girls in our family have littles. Heather is momma to Logan and Alina is momma to Arianna and Audrey, both such beautiful twins! We obviously have Kai, and made the usually 2 but turned 4 hour drive back home. 

When I was first envisioning family time at Oak Glen, I was picturing so much catching up, tons of photos for everyone, and more time to explore with our babes. But alas, being parents means your expectations go out the window and 3 of the 12 things you hoped to do actually happens. 

Thankfully apple cider donuts and raspberry picking made the cut! Snowline Orchard actually let us pick berries for free. They said their pickings were slim, it was a free day (insert emoji praise hands here). We each grabbed a basket and picked as much as we could. My grandma used to be a picker, so she really enjoyed going around and picking all the berries. I think she came out with the most. I inherited her love for it, and really enjoyed meandering around and picking some too! Well..the best I could with a babe at the hip and trying to take photos of Kai wanting to stand in the berry patch.

I can only imagine what Kai was thinking while in the berry rows, how huge these great green things were all around.. oh a bright red tiny ball, must reach for it!  

Despite how much having kids changes things, it was so fun to have us all together and enjoy being moms together. Changing diapers, putting on shoes, picking up the little one that fell, cleaning spit up, holding babes in both arms.  

I was hoping to come out with more photos but time and energy didn’t permit! So here are a few favorites of us. The lighting was harsh but so glad there was shady spots throughout!  

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