Maternity - Baby Kai Samuel

Yes, we have decided on the name!

Kai Samuel Farison.

We love the name Kai for many reasons. It means ocean, which is fitting for the last season of life we have been experiencing. It also means rejoice, which I love and is a good reminder to REJOICE for we have a kind and loving God. Samuel as we wanting a biblical middle name, but love that it means "God has heard". 

Being pregnant has been an incredible experience. I feel it has gone by so fast, but not quick enough at moments!

The first trimester was probably my least favorite. Nausea, bloating, the metallic taste that made me not want to eat anything were a few of my least pleasant memories. But the thought that I had a little one inside my body, and God was continuing to knit him/her together while I really did nothing was and has been remarkable...sometimes a little strange. 

The second trimester was a bit better, but came with new pains: pelvic pain, horrible hip pain, shortness of breath, sleepless nights, etc. But again, seeing baby healthy on the ultrasound, moving around and finding out we are having a BOY really made all the pains worth it. It's crazy to see what I am already willing to endure for him... The true test will be labor. Haha!

The start of the third has actually been a little kinder. I definitely am beginning to feel the anxiety of being prepped and ready for babies arrival. I rarely look forward to the evenings, as that is usually where I feel most uncomfortable (sore feet, achey hips, tired back). Yet again, seeing & feeling his kicks is usually the highlights of my day. Knowing we will get to meet him soon makes this momma heart melt.

It's been very sweet to see how many people have been excited for us. My coworkers have come alongside me when I am feeling tired/cranky and encourage me or make sure I am resting and not pushing myself too much. They have gone out to get me pretzels when a craving strikes, provided me with daily chocolate chip cookies from Savoy, listen to my more sassy remarks, and seriously light up every time they notice baby is getting bigger. 

Another incredible part of pregnancy has been watching Andrew come alongside me each day. He comforts me, massages me, runs errands for me, pulls me out of bed when I get stuck, keeps the house clean, and encourages me when I feel overwhelmed. He has spoiled me so much and constantly makes sure I am taken care of. Despite him working full time as a manager & taking on new responsibilities at work, he never complains about coming home to help & take care of me.

 He knew I really wanted some photos of me and my bump, so he let me buy a dress I had been drooling over and patiently took photos of me. I am so glad he has become more confident behind the camera, and I am so HAPPY he took part i of my maternity photos. (Part ii will be of him and i). I think he did a pretty dang good job!

Overall, I feel pregnancy has been a good & joyful experience. It's an honor to be able to carry a little one & to think of how God is using my body to create one of His own. I feel more beautiful then before, despite getting bigger and bigger, the dark spots along my neck, or the other strange things that have grown. When I see the care people have for us, it makes my "cup runneth over" and I am so grateful for this time.

Here are a few photos Andrew took:

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