Guffy Campground

Summer time has been my favorite season for ever now. Reason one, it's my birthday season (July 30 for anyone interested). Reason two, those nice warm summer nights are sweet. But mostly, reason number three: camping/traveling seems to take place more often despite the overwhelming amounts of bugs & incredible heat.

A few weeks ago, Andrew & I got to witness Andrews sister marry her prince charming. It was a really great wedding! After though, Andrew and I decided to head off to one of our favorite places, the Angeles National Forest.

For those of you who haven't explored this range yet, do it. It's so SO much better then Lake Arrowhead and I may even dare say, better then Big Bear. Or don't. We sort of like having the mountain range to ourselves. 

My family had Father's Day weekend off, so we grabbed my little sister Rosie and decided to hike into Guffy Campground. My dad dropped us off and then had hot dogs and cold drinks waiting for us at the campground. Honestly, nothing better then ending a hike with awesome food. Sometimes that's the only reason I believe I hike, for the epic meal at the end. Kidding... Not kidding.

This was Rosie's first time carrying a backpacking pack and she did so good! We love introducing people to the splendor of backpacking!! Andrew & I decided to carry all our stuff in so we could start JMT training (even though we knew my dad was going to be driving in to the site). 

We were a little concerned about the heat, but God really blessed us with great cloud coverage. The views were spectacular all along the trail. I think we took even longer hiking in because we kept stopping to take photos and just take it all in.

We ended the night with a good dinner (as previously mentioned), watched the sun paint the sky and mountains a vibrant orange, and stared at the moon through binoculars.  My dad scored a sweet site that offered views of LA, Mt. Baldy, and the high desert. The next morning, we packed our packs and left a few hours before my dad & kathy, so we could meet them back at the trailhead. 

Not many things can refresh my heart, mind, spirit like a little trip outdoors.