Inspiration Point - Wrightwood, CA

Inspiration Point is one of my absolute favorite spots in Southern California. It has so many memories tied to it! It is right next to the entry point that leads to our first camping spot (Blue Ridge Mountain Campground). It has a beautiful view of Pine Mtn., Dawson Peak, and Mt. Baldy to the left and to the right, it has a great view of Baden-Powell (where Andrew proposed). The sunsets I have seen here have always left me in awe. 

Back in January Andrew & I took Autumn Rose to play in the snow. Despite the crowds, we still enjoyed hiking along the PCT to the untouched snow and loved the views. Rose and I made a little snowman and I attempted to make a snow angel. Here are a few photos Rose and I took. Rose is learning to use a camera more seriously, which I am stoked about! I love sharing photography with others, especially with my little sister!