It's a....

I can't even begin to describe the feeling of joy we had when we saw our baby boy on the screen! Happy, in love, so thankful, tearful, in awe.... 

In a nut shell (..haha): After what seemed like forever of the nurse taking photos of babes arms, legs, heart, etc., (while Andrew got to watch), she called my momma in. She then let me finally see my babe and we watched as babe kept squirming around, kicking. FInally, she paused and said... It's a boy! The whole room was filled with such joy and love over our baby boy!

We watched him squirm around a bit longer and even got to see/feel him kicking again. The love we feel over this boy..our son...is remarkable! 

Side note: big thanks to my momma who fought through LA traffic early in the morning to be there. She treated us to celebration balloons (as pictured) and brought so much more excitement for the day! She & I got to shop & swoon a little over future baby boy clothes after. I can't wait to be a momma like her!

** Fine tuning babes name right now...update to come!

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