Little Bean // #farisonbabe

Today (November 4) marks 20 weeks/5 months of carrying a little one. I honestly have a hard time grasping we are almost halfway there to meeting our little babe!

I get asked a lot about how I feel: excited? nervous? scared? I'd say I feel all of those emotions and all at once usually. I'll see a babe and think, Cute! We will have our own babe to hold and comfort soon! Shortly after I'll feel a bit anxious/nervous thinking that we will have OUR OWN BABE.

This is real life! No longer a topic to sort of dream about and wonder about. It's happening. My stomach that keeps stretching, a babe that likes to squirm around, and all the other fun pregnancy changes remind me this is not a joke. I repeat, not a joke. 

I can still remember all the things that led up to me realizing, I was pregnant. Earlier this year I was experiencing some rather uncomfortable/painful pelvic pain. It took several months of medication, doctor visits, wearing mostly dresses before we realized it was actually birth control that was affecting everything. So off I went, and Andrew & I decided to start seriously talking/praying about a possible baby in the future. I still sort of thought we weren't really serious about our decision and didn't expect to actually get so blessed so quickly.  

As the usual story goes, I was late. Very late. But wasn't worried about it. Pre-bc I was always on a weird schedule. Then I started noticing I was sensitive to things, and by day 50 I sort of wondered... Then I watched Gilmore Girls and Lane told Rory she was pregnant and the thought that popped into my head was "oh, crap". The following Sunday I went to churchs solo (Andrew had to work #managerlife). It was during worship after the sermon that I felt a strange peace and knowing that things were going to be different. It was like God was letting me slowly accept I was pregnant, and it was going to be ok. We had been praying about this next step and trusting in Him to guide us through it. The next morning, I had a gross little stick confirming what I already knew and woke up Andrew with the news. He responded by wrapping me in a bear hug, still somewhat in disbelief. 

Since then things feel mostly the same, but my body sure isn't. Haha. We were both SO excited when we saw our Farison babe on the screen during our first ultrasound! 

The entire pregnancy, babe has HATED bacon. I was definitely sad when I realized lil one doesn't share my love for pig or really meat for the matter. But boy, does he/she love them apples!! For the most part, I have long said good bye to a good nights sleep (even with a pregnancy pillow!!). Since week 17 I have felt little movements that I thought were muscle twitches. But as each day has passed, they get a bit stronger and more consistent. Bean really enjoys moving around!! 

Babe's heartbeat is always so good to hear, and I've even heard he/she move around while we are checking the heartbeat. It brought this worried momma comfort, when Andrew found out he had shingles. (FYI: just cause you have the chicken pox shot twice, does not mean you are immune!) 

So far babe has a heartbeat of 160 each visit, so maybe a girl?? This Tuesday we find out whether lil bean is a boy or girl...and finally get to see babe looking like a little human. It's hard to say whether I think it's a girl or boy. I thought it was a girl at first, but now I really have no clue. According to the chinese calendar, its a boy... but to the midwives myths still 50% chance boy, & 50% chance girl. We have been going through the motions of deciding baby names, Andrew keeps turning down the girl names I come up with..So hopefully it's a boy, cause at least we have that one sort of figured out. 

I'll try to keep this blog updated with news/events/etc. I am so behind in our outdoor posts! Still need to share Yosemite, Mt. Baden-Powell, the Grand Canyon! Unfortunately, my computer is way out of date, and square space won't always let me log in using my old browser. 

TIll next time,