A Simple Prayer

I just started a little book my mom bought me from our visit to Bart's Books on my birthday. It is called: "Prayers from the Heart" by Richard Foster. For whatever reason, the title sounds like the sweetest thing I have heard in a while. Maybe it's because I don't always feel like my prayers are really genuine. They are just prayers that are said so I can say "Oh, I totally prayed about that." 

I think lately, my prayer life has been somewhat nonexistent. I remember to pray about the big things, of course : our move, our marriage, our family and future family, future job opportunities that are opening up, praying God will provide a random bag of groceries on our doorstep or that some stranger will just offer to fill up my gas tank haha. But the other things not so much.

It is safe to say I am hopeful I will be more diligent and intentional about prayer (prayers both big and small) while going through the pages.  

I want to share the 3 prayers I already read today. But will just start with sharing just one. I am even thinking of drawing or photographing something that is inspired by each prayer?? We will see. Lately, I have had so many ideas on things I should do and thoughts about what to write and share, but so far little to no action has sprouted. Maybe I will start praying about that too..

This prayer is so me right now:

I am, O God, a jumbled mass of motives.
One moment I am adoring you, and the next I am shaking my fist at you.
I vacillate between mounting hope, and deepening despair.
I am full of faith and full of doubt.
I want the best for others, but am jealous when they get it.
Even so God, I will not run from your presence. Nor will I pretend to be who I am not (such a struggle lately!!!). Thank you for accepting me with all my contradictions. Amen.
Elisenda FarisonComment