Our First BLD Home

Andrew & I were a little spoiled and were fortunate to rent a house the 1st year of marriage. We had the sweetest backyard, the pinkest bathroom, an old tree that creaked in the chaotic winds of San Bernardino, wood floors, tiny built-in bookshelves, and windows in every room!  

While we lived in this little home for only a year, it was such a sweet place for our first year of marriage. Andrew moved in 4 months before we got married & spent so many hours pouring blood, sweat, and love into the home. I remember visiting after class and smelling pinesol coming through the windows, and there he would be laboring over cabinets, cleaning them out. When the big tree in the back finally shed its leaves, he spent hours and days raking massive piles of leaves off the ground.  His uncle brought Andrew a tool box for Christmas that year, and I loved watching Andrew hang things on the wall for me & created hangers for our bikes in the garage. 

When we decided this was the place we would hold our wedding reception, Andrew worked even harder to clean up the back yard. We were so grateful for the help we had making it look as good as possible (thanks D.P!). My dad even laid sod for part of the backyard, so there would be grass during the wedding. The wedding day was a little windy, and might not have looked like the many weddings on Pinterest, but it was home and it was perfect.

Both the good and bad times in that little home are some of my favorites. The struggles of a new marriage, the laughter over Dylan and our silly dances, the frustration of busy schedules and a job that followed me everywhere, the peaceful days of laying in bed watching the trees shadows move across our bed, the joy of seeing our fruits (oranges, avocados, grapes, peaches, apricots) grow, and the stillness that overcame the house when we lost our beloved nana. 

Here are some of my favorite memories in the little house:

  • Visiting Andrew before we got married & dreaming of how we would make it our home when we became Mr. & Mrs.
  • Basically giving him heart attacks with the mess I would make from baking cookies. Actually, I still do this.
  • Fires in the fireplace. Both the successful times that it would burn for hours. And the times we smoked ourselves out.
  • Thinking what we heard were gunshots outside (I mean we did live in San Bernardino...) and crawling to a safe place. 
  • Placing a mattress on our couch every night, so Dylan wouldn't try to sleep on the cushions.
  • Holding our wedding reception in the backyard.
  • Running outside in our pjs to dance under the patio while it poured & then going to Stater Bros. in our pjs for ice cream (for those unfamiliar with San Bernardino, wearing pjs in public is totally ok.)
  • Having friends over for burgers, pizza, & pasta. (They must have really loved us to sit on our wooden, backless, stools for hours at a time.)
  • Living right down the street from my nana & papa. When Papa would drive by he would honk and little Mugo (their dog) would stick his head out of the window.
  • Walking around the neighborhood, rating houses and their yards.
  • Hearing Dylan run back & forth in the yard, barking his head off when the mail man came. He may have a strong disliking for the postal service.
  • Thinking we missed our calling as farmers, when we saw how many grapes our vines produced and peaches grew.
  • Laying on the floor to cuddle with Dylan.
  • Celebrating Valentine's Day pruning our garden with my mom, grandma, and sister.
  • Planting an Apricot tree in memory of my Nana. 
  • Decorating the house and Christmas tree farm for Andrews first Christmas there. (He basically had 6-7 fake trees on either side of the fireplace. It was magical).
  • Decorating the house & 1st real Christmas tree for our 1st married Christmas.
  • Having awesome neighbors that helped us when we ran out of car oil, invited us over for parties, and watched our house during our trips.
  • The way the light shone on our living room floor in the morning
  • Sleeping on Andrews old twin mattress during summer time. We'd place it right under the a/c. Dylan loved these times...
  • Feeling so proud we scored a gas dryer for $20, so we didn't have to dry our underwear all over the house.
  • Laughing when Dylan scared the poop out of strangers coming to the front door. 

There are a ton more memories, but that might take me another 4 hours to finish this post. So here are some photos.

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