Swanherd Trip 2014

Last year, Andrew & I made the long trek up to Trinidad to visit our dear friends Brian & Sarah. 

We drove along Highway 1 for as long as we could & made sure to visit recent "trendy" locations: Big Sur, The Golden Gate Bridge, and Yosemite on our way back home (Andrew's family lives near Joshua Tree, so that's a frequented place we visit already). We made sure to bring along mexican styled blankets, iced coffee, snacks from Trader Joes, and even brought along a succulent to place in some photos.

(Just so you know, the entire paragraph above was written in sarcasm. But we really did visit those places on our trip & we really did have snacks from Trader Joes.)

The term Swanherd was something Sarah & I came up with when we decided we needed a #hashtag for our friendship adventures. It basically has a part of all of our names in it, and if we are being honest here, it's a pretty amazing name. 

These two have been such a blessing to us throughout our entire relationship. They let us use Brian's car when we didn't have one of our own, Sarah let me share her twin bed with her on nights we all wanted to hang later then my curfew, they were so helpful during our wedding prep, they helped us pack our little house for our move to Ventura, and they have always gone out of their way for us. We are so thankful for their friendship and encouragement during our dating relationship, marriage, and walk with God. They are such a great example of a couple founded on Christ & they are a ton of fun to hang around with. 

While visiting them, we ate at some local (and VERY delicious) places, explored around the area, and even had a very fuzzy visitor named Dewey Ronald stop by. He was a bear & liked Sarah's cooking so much he felt he needed to bust through a wooden gate to dig thru their trash for some scraps. We were sad to leave but grateful for their hospitality and friendship.