Sierra W. | Portaits

Sierra Raine White | Portraits - Mormon Rocks, CA

First off, doesn't she have the prettiest name!? 

I have known Sierra for several years now. I am not entirely sure when we first became friends, but it was sometime in high school.... perhaps during yearbook? Or photography club? Either way, I am super glad we became friends and had the same photo classes & a ceramics class in college! Throughout college we would go on occasional photo adventures, exploring the field behind Cal State and my house. 

Sierra is an incredibly talented photographer and artist. She has a knack for incorporating things she loves in her projects. For one project she hit up a record store in LA and asked individuals to hold up an album that meant a lot to them. In ceramics, her cups and bowls turned out beautiful, despite our freezing fingers (taking a winter ceramics class is just plain cold). When Sierra creates art, she puts her whole heart into it. I am so glad I got to see her progress over the years in photography and other media.

Thanks Sierra for letting me photograph your graduation photos again. I know you know tons of creative, talented artists so I am stoked you chose me to photograph your photos! You are so beautiful and easy to be around, which made my side of things perfect. Excited to see where your after college adventures take you (Alaska??)!!