S & M | Engaged

Sadie & Michael | Engaged - Riverside, CA

These two are so precious!

Sadie is my beautiful, sweet, and so loving sister-in-law. She has always been so welcoming and helpful, it is no wonder Michael fell in love with her and has asked her to be his wife! I remember first hearing about Michael from Sadie. She was so excited and a little nervous, as we girls tend to be when something romantic and adventurous, begins. it has been such a blessing seeing their relationship grow and mature over the course of their time together.

You can only imagine that I was really happy when Michael first asked me about taking engagements for them! I just knew this would be one of my favorite engagement sessions. And boy, was I right! They were so sweet on each other the entire time, and really made my job so easy! 

We first explored UCR's botanical gardens & then romped around downtown RIverside. My husband, Andrew, was able to join us, so it was basically a fun double date. 

We cannot wait for their wedding and to see how God continues to shape and grow their love for each other & Him.