Katie & Jaryd | Married - Pine Hills Lodge, Julian, CA

There are some people you meet that really make a lasting (good) impression on you. These two are one of them! I met Katie through our beautiful friend Mel, and was so grateful she chose me to photograph her special day!

Not only did my husband, Andrew & I have a blast photographing their engagements & wedding, we had a blast getting to know Katie & Jarryd more and more. This couple truly share a love for one another that is genuine & deep. They don't just keep their love between themselves, they give so much love to everyone they meet! 

On the day of the wedding, I felt & saw the joy & love that these two share with each other & those around them. I was even almost bawling my eyes out over their vows & when they first saw each other for the first time. They have such a lovely way of including everyone around them & making them feel just as special as anyone else. When the bridesmaids prayed over Katie, she invited me in to pray as well (and I was so grateful to!). 

As I edited their wedding, I couldn't help becoming excited and joyous all over again about their marriage!