J & A | Engaged

Jazmin & Alex | Engaged - Vasquez Rocks, CA

FEB. 2016

I love any excuse to explore new places, hang with awesome people, and photograph some pretty amazing moments. 

When Jazmin and Alex were down to explore Vasquez Rocks with us for their photos, you could say I was thanking God for such a rad opportunity. I had been wanting to visit this place for a while, but never seemed to find the time in our schedules. I love strange formations, like Mormon Rocks, CA or even Bryce Canyon, UT. 

Jazmin and Alex have a very sweet relationship.They are such loving and caring parents to their little boy Alexzander. While we hung out, I felt we had been friends for a long time. They let me be dorky, get us lost a little, and climbed all over the rocks for me to get the images I imagined. I cannot wait to photograph their wedding in May! 

Thanks you two for such a fun time exploring a new place and making me love what I do even more!