Gilson Family | Portraits - Downtown Ventura, CA


We met Sabryna (the beautiful momma), Kevin (the kind dad) & Mila (the cutest baby around) through my friend Leta, shortly after we moved to Ventura. We have been so grateful for their friendship & encouragement!

Kevin and Andrew love to talk about the outdoors, while Sabryna helps me learn to be more confident around babies (what if I break them!?). Sabryna shares the same love for Underoath as I do and she can definitely cook/bake up something yummy. In fact, she recently introduced me to the PERFECT chocolate chip cookies...and it's safe to say I bake them at least once a month now. Mila is seriously so sweet and really made my first baby sitting experience a good one! I mainly am stoked that I haven't made her cry once. Instead she usually greets me with a smile. Kevin is a loving husband, loves to build things to encourage Sabryna's creative side and eats cookie dough right out of the package.

Thanks you three for making family portraits fun and for waking up on a very cold, early morning to let me photograph you guys! We are so glad you are a part of our life here in Ventura. We are so blessed by each of you, and are excited to see how God continually blesses you three.