Photo By: Olivia Strohm

Photo By: Olivia Strohm


I'm sure you already can guess, I am Elisenda (ella-send-uh). But most people call me Senda.

+ Photography has been a part of my life since I was little. My parents used to take us traveling all over and gave each of us a film camera to record those memories. Since then, photography is something God has used to grow me as a person and creative. 

+ I currently live and work along California's beautiful coast, with my husband Andrew (who so happens to be my hot assistant). When I'm not working, I spend my time day dreaming, exploring new parts of where we live, and hiking. 


 + I don't really enjoy posing people. I love when we are comfortable enough to laugh in front of each other, maybe even cry. When you just do your thing, and I do mine (while I give you little suggestions here & there). Whether that's you running around to keep your little from eating something they shouldn't, kissing your spouses forehead for the millionth time that day, or those little gestures on your big day. I want to be there to capture it all. To tag along on your adventure, and help you remember those moments.


B.A. CSUSB - Studio Art. Concentration in photography.


+ I love lists! They keep me sane. 
+ We have a boxer mix named Dylan. He. is. AWESOME.  He is currently being babysat by my mom but we hope to bring him to the coast soon!
+ My taste in music ranges from Maylene and the Sons of Disaster/Sleeping Giant/Underoath to Bon Iver/Agnes Obel to Enya/Movie Soundtracks.
+ FOOD. I am what my mom calls a "grazer". I snack a lot. I will eat something and be hungry an hour later. 
+ I have taken the 16 personality test several times. Each time I get a different personality. . . .
+ I am a terrible movie watcher. I will read the plot before I watch it.
+ I have a tough time making decisions. 
+ I hiked half way up Half Dome then I realized I DO hate heights.