I'm sure you already can guess, I'm Elisenda (ella-send-uh).
But most people call me Senda.

I am a believer in Christ. He has given me so much hope & joy. The entire reason I love, find beauty in light & photography, is because of Him. I currently live along California's beautiful central coast, with my husband Andrew & sweet boy Kai Samuel. I love being a momma. I feel it has opened my eyes to another beautiful side of life, that I never imagined would be so fulfilling!

Photography has been a part of my life since I was little. My parents gave each of us a film camera to record our memories traveling across the country. Out of those childhood days, my love for the outdoors & photography has become a big part of me.  

My hope with photography is to genuinely love my clients. To be there to encourage you, rejoice with you, pray for you, and be a part of your most treasured memories. I want you to fondly look back on the photos we create - especially years down the road when you reflect on the goodness/life you have been given.


I love taking surveys. a lot. // I am what my mom calls a "grazer". I snack all through out the day. // I am a terrible movie watcher. I will read the plot before I watch it! I just hate the suspense of it all. // I have a tough time making decisions. Except choosing to marry Andrew. That was the best decision everrrr. // I hiked half way up Half Dome then I realized I DO hate heights.

I believe good, no... GREAT photos come when you & your people let love shine through your interactions together. When the GENUINE love that holds you together causes you to rejoice in laughter, find comfort & security in each other's arms, & embrace those little moments that bring your heart joy.

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